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Saturday, October 12, 2013

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CP Foods-CP Food BD- " 5 Star Chicken".

 A couple of months back me and my senior friend  made a decision to know & analysis about five star chicken or all kinds of quality fast food. We find out a fast food brand name with a new collective items for fast food lovers. Myself and my senior friend went to one of  the CP food BD outlets which provides 5 star chicken item. We ordered some item from CP Foods. They gave us very nice and fresh quality  CP Fried chicken Bangladesh.

My friends asked so many things about CP food BD.  They gave us so much information about five star chicken and about CP Food BD or CP fried chicken Bangladesh. Their 5 Star Chicken is none added than the Thailand based - Charoen Pokphand Group, a billion dollar company that CP Foods are  in the business for over 90 years. 5 star chicken like CP foods business was begun in Thailand  in the year 1985 . It was a new business beneath the CP Foods Co and back again it has broadcast continuously.

 They explain why 5 star chicken & what separated  it from others. Thai and Asian recipes developed by a group of R&D members, Well maintained from farm to fork to ensure constant best quality & food safety, Abundant Amount of Money - as the accomplished chicken action is very chip & managed by CP Company. CP Food BD is able to provide the top quality chicken and lower amount to the end customer. They (CP Food BD) said their adage is " Chicken for anybody and everywhere ".

In Bangladesh, Dhaka is the 1st city to available 5 Star Chicken outlets ablution beyond assorted locations. CP Fried chicken Bangladesh is also known as CP Food BD  outlets offer aliment on-the-go (Take Away). CP Foods outlet do not action any seating normally. But in a few places  are some limited sits to eat in  the restaurant

The things I admired about the CP Fried chicken Bangladesh  was the Halal Chicken, portion, presentation of the foods was big & reasonable price.